Amanda Wild

Amanda Wild
Director & Instructor

Amanda started her music career at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston (NEC) where she studied brass performance and music theory. Her former teachers include members of the Boston Symphony and Cleveland Orchestras. As a teenager, she played in several youth orchestras and spent summers at Tanglewood in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

Amanda as The Groovy Chicken

The Groovy Chicken

As a child, Amanda loved to sing and credits her mother as her first music teacher. Her first musical instruments were a black plastic recorder—which she still has—and a small electric organ that she used to write songs, including “Oh, Marianne” and “Let’s Give Thanks Our Friends”. She also wrote a song about a dog, among others.

Amanda is certified in Quebec as a music teacher and has taught in both public and private schools in Montreal. She holds degrees from NEC and McGill University in Music Education and has taught private lessons for many years in both Boston and in Montreal at the McGill Conservatory.

Amanda is also the proud mother of two little chickadees!


Melissa Oniboni

Melissa was born in Lima, Peru, where she was lucky to be raised by a mother who was very musical—she sang often to Melissa and her sisters and still does!

Melissa studied at a British school in Lima and received her degree in Business Psychology with a minor in Theatre Studies from Derby University in England. In 2009, she returned to Lima and worked for several years before meeting her husband and having their first daughter, Emilia. Since Emilia was born, Melissa and her husband feel that music has been an extraordinary way to communicate as a family. By singing to and with their daughter, Melissa feels that she understands and enjoys certain situations even more.

Melissa adds: “Several years ago we decided to move to Montreal, where I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda, Director of Chickadee Music. We took our daughter to her class and instantly fell in love with the program. Through working with Amanda I have found that introducing music to children in early childhood is something that I can do with passion and joy. Leading these classes gives me the opportunity to connect with children and their parents and to accompany them through their musical journey, and learning more about these early years has helped me connect better with my own daughter.”


Juliana Urban

Originally from Northern California, soprano Juliana Urban is currently completing her Graduate Diploma in Professional Performance at the Schulich School of Music (McGill University). She has performed a wide variety of music, ranging from Medieval to Contemporary genres, and is particularly drawn to early 17th century Italian repertoire.

Juliana completed her Music Together® teacher training in Toronto this year. She loves children and can’t wait to sing and play with little ones and their families. We’re lucky to have her! Read more about Juliana on her website: julianaurban.com.

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