<— This is not a lollipop.

Chickadee Music has an exciting assortment of high-quality rhythm instruments for little ones—the kind you don’t find in Dollarama—including toddler and baby-safe instruments which we clean after each and every class. All instruments are part of the program and their use is included (and encouraged)!


So you and your kiddo can shake it with some


colorful egg shakers —>

rhythm sticks

or totally rock out with these handsome

<— rhythm sticks




or make like an ape on a huge

gathering drum. —>

And in the style of a true jamboree, we explore them all together in the safe environment of our classes.

Bongos, congas and floor toms are a few other Chickadee drum favorites. Of course there are also the wrist bells, jingle sticks, marquitas, chiquitas, tambourines, castanets, and movement props: scarves, stretchy bands, and Gertie balls to consider…

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

bongo   babyDrumtambourine