FREE Demo Classes This Week!

Classes for Winter Session begin next week and we’re super excited to start. Are you considering a family music class for you and your little one? Come to a free demo class this Friday or Monday!


  1. NDG class: Friday, Jan. 8 (4:00–4:45pm)
  2. Plateau class: Monday, Jan. 11 (10:30–11:15am)

RSVP as soon as possible and we’ll add your name to the list. (Space is limited to 12 families per class.) We hope to meet you soon!



Soothe Baby by Song-ing

Songs are better than speech for soothing babies. (Yes!) You can read more in the latest edition of the scholarly journal Infancy (or you can just read the synopsis here, Dear Parents, ye of little time and sleep):

“These findings speak to the intrinsic importance of music, and of nursery rhymes in particular, which appeal to our desire for simplicity, and repetition.”

Read all about it: Songs Better Than Speech

Hello from the Mother Side

In case you missed it, Adele performed “Hello” on the Tonight Show with the Roots and Jimmy Fallon recently.

Why are we posting about this? Check out their instruments! These are bonafide preschool and rhythm instruments—many of which we use in our classes on a very regular basis.

So who says grownups can’t groove on a banana shaker, clappers, uke and rainbow glock?? Certainly not us. We’re all for it!


Registration for Winter Session is Now Open

MTArt drumborder-web

Rum Tum Tum… Get ready for DRUM      MTArt drumone-web

We’re super excited for classes starting in January! This Winter Session we’ll be using the DRUM song collection from Music Together® which includes songs sure to become family favorites.

More Classes and Locations

We’ve added more classes to our winter schedule, an NDG location, and weekend options, too.

Early Bird Special

Early Birds get a $10 discount for signing up before December 20th. Spaces are limited to 12 children per class so register early to save your spot!

Announcing UNLIMITED MAKE-UPS for Winter Session

Can’t find your babe’s boots? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Daycare bug wrecking havoc on your household? No worries, fellow Montrealers! If you need to miss a class, you can make it up another day, time or location. (We at Chickadee Music understand your winter woes.)


MTArt drumborder-web